On this page you will find all of the relevant information relating to my commission waitlist process, as well as my Terms & Conditions for custom orders. If you have any questions about any of the below information, please don't hesitate to contact me, send me an email at or shoot me a DM on any of my social media profiles.

Please Note: At this stage my Commission Waitlist is CLOSED INDEFINITELY. If you wish to have guaranteed access to the waitlist when it opens (once, maybe twice per year at the most) then you will need to join my Patreon as a Mythril Tier Patron.

How Commissions Work

  • My capacity to take on custom orders is entirely dependent on my current workload. The waitlist therefore will only open a handful of times each year for roughly 2-5x waitlist spots each time.
  • Commissions will be offered exclusively to my Mythril Tier Patrons when the waitlist opens. In the event that these Patrons do not fill all of the spots, I will then open the waitlist up to my Silver and Platinum Tier Patrons. Should the spots still not be filled, then (and only then) will the waitlist be opened to the public. 
  • I will work through 1-2x commissions at a time from the waitlist until all custom orders are complete. Once the current batch of custom orders are complete, I will then consider opening the list again, depending on my workload.
  • A place on the waitlist still does not guarantee you a custom order. I am free to decline any commission request at any time as per the details below.
  • Your best chance of obtaining a custom order from me is by joining my Patreon in order to have priority access to the waitlist when it opens. 
  • If you do not wish to join my Patreon and still wish to obtain a commission from me, you will either need to wait for if/when the list opens publicly, or if you would like a commission for a special occasion (e.g. a proposal) then please reach out to me directly as I am often willing to make an exception (pending my workload).

General Info

  • As stated above, commission waitlist spots are opened when I have time available to work on them (i.e. no set timeline) and are only available to Mythril Tier Patrons as of 1 January 2022. If these Patrons do not take the available spots, any remaining spots will then be offered to my other Patrons (Silver Tier and above) and then if there are still remaining spots, these will be opened to the public at a set date and time to ensure a fair chance of obtaining one. 
  • There is an approximate 8-16 week long production time once your custom design has been started.
  • The waitlist will not open until all previous orders have been completed to prevent a backlog of custom orders.
  • I only have the capacity to work on 1-2x commissions at a time (based on the design complexity). Because of this, you may be waiting a number of months before the waitlist opens again and I am able to take on your request.
  • If you require a commission for a gift or for a special occasion, please reach out to me directly and we may be able to sort something out depending on my current workload and commitments.
  • If you obtain a commission waitlist spot, you will be emailed a Google Form which must be completed in order to give me as many details about your vision as possible. This form includes the option to upload any reference or inspiration images. Completing this form in advance enables me to quickly make a decision about whether or not I will be able to accept your commission idea, and also helps me to give you a more accurate price quote before the deposit is paid.
  • Forms that are incomplete or lacking in information will automatically be declined: it is not my job to chase you for details about your design. My form has been specifically created and tweaked over time to gather the information I need and if you are unwilling to take the time to provide it properly then I will not be able to accept your commission request.
  • If your commission is accepted, a non-refundable deposit of AU$50 (Patrons) or AU$75 (Public) will then need to be paid before any work begins on your commission. This deposit covers basic materials, as well as time spent working on your commission should you cancel prior to completion.
  • I will not be in contact with you nor will I send you any invoices until I am ready to begin your commission, just in case my workload changes in the meantime and I am unable to proceed with it as planned.


Please read the below conditions carefully before joining the waitlist with a commission request.

  • By joining the commission waiting list, you understand and accept that I am under no obligation to agree to the request just because you have a spot on the list (this goes for Patrons as well). Any abuse or harassment will result in you being blacklisted from my business. I have the right to refuse any commission request at any time.
  • That said, commission requests will generally only be declined if I do not have time at present to work on your idea (time intensive design), if I am not comfortable with your idea, if I do not believe I have the skills or ability to complete your idea, or if I cannot obtain the necessary materials for the commission. I also will decline requests that haven't provided adequate information when asked or have left parts of the form incomplete as stated above.
  • As I only have the capacity to work on 1-2 commissions at a time, you join the list understanding that you could be waiting quite some time for me to reach your spot. Messages asking me when I will reach your place on the list are highly discouraged and harassment may result in you being removed from the waitlist altogether.
  • I will not, under any circumstances, directly attempt to copy the work of another dice maker.
  • Any tester sets or singles that do not meet the commission requirements are mine to sell, trade, giveaway, etc. unless you wish to discuss paying an additional fee for "exclusivity" of your commissioned set which will cover the material costs of these testers.
  • I will not accept commissions for intentionally weighted dice both a) because I don't think I could do it, and also b) because the main question handmade dice makers get asked (and unfairly judged on) is if our dice are balanced and I will not do anything (even jokingly) that could tarnish my reputation or cast further doubt over the craft as a whole.