Dice FAQs

Do you take commissions for custom dice?

The short answer is no, I do not take commissions for custom dice. Since adding conventions appearances into my business plan a couple of years ago, I simply do not have enough time as one person to produce stock for cons as well as offer custom designs on top of my regular monthly shop update comittments.

The long answer is yes, I do occasionally offer commissions however waitlist spots for custom designs are exclusively opened only to Mythril Tier Patreon Members when they become available (usually once, maybe twice at most per year). Please visit my Patreon page if you are interested in becoming a member, or feel free to reach out via email or social media if you have any questions.

Why are handmade dice so expensive?

Whilst most handmade dice are functional for game play, they are still a piece of art. Each dice set is individually mixed, poured, sanded, inked and polished by me. Just me. These are not your typical factory produced sets, and for every dice set you see in my store there have been countless failed experiments that came before it. 

A lot of time is also spent researching, preparing (including polishing masters and making my own molds), sourcing materials and finishing the dice to bring you something unique and special. This is all in addition to regular small business tasks such as answering emails and DMs, social media updates, marketing, photography, website listings, packing parcels, etc that all go unpaid as a sole trader. You are paying but a fraction of what an artist could charge for their work, and to compare the costs of handmade dice to mass factory produced sets is both unfair and unreasonable.

And finally, please check you are browsing in the correct currency. My website defaults to Australian Dollars (noted by the AU in front of the price) as this is where I am located, however you can change the currency to several other options using the drop down menu at the top of the page (if it hasn't automatically updated for you) which should adjust the price for your region.

Are your dice balanced?

You are very unlikely to find perfectly balanced dice outside of a casino. As my dice are handmade, they are obviously not casino grade but are perfectly playable for TTRPGs and other casual gaming purposes. They are just as balanced as any major factory produced dice brand, such as Chessex, and all of my dice have been cured under pressure to avoid any internal air bubbles. 

What are your dice made of?

All of my dice are made from epoxy resin. Inclusions may vary but typically include a combination of alcohol inks, mica powders, resin pigments and dyes, 3D printed resin items, glitter, cellophane, holographic and iridescent foils, gold or silver leaf, real and fake florals, paper, etc.

How big are your dice?

My dice are approximately 10% larger than standard dice. For instance, a standard d20 measures approximately 20mm from face to face whereas my d20s measure 22-25mm from face to face (depending on font style). My d6s measure approximately 16-20mm and all other dice in the set are scaled appropriately for these measurements.

Do you make sets with traditional d4s?

I have been asked this question a lot recently and the answer is yes but rarely. The standard pyramid/caltrop d4 shape puts a lot of strain on my fingers and hand to hold it during the sanding and polishing process, which often causes my tendinitis to flare up. Rather than risk a recurring injury that requires me to have to have a break from dice work while I recover, I simply do not use this shape very often. That being said, I am however about to launch a larger set of dice (approximately 20% bigger than standard) and do have a pyramid/caltrop d4 in this design that I hope will be easier to use. Please keep an eye on the store and social media for availability.

What does RAW or MISFIT mean in your descriptions?

RAW means that the dice are exactly as-is, straight from the mold. Any excess resin will have been trimmed off however the dice are not sanded, inked, polished or finished in any way. This option is perfect for anyone wishing to practice the finishing process before diving into making their own dice, or for someone who doesn't mind a bit of imperfection in order to satisfy their handmade dice dragon needs for cheaper than cost of finished sets.

MISFIT dice on the other hand are ones that simply may not have turned out as planned. Their colour or design may not be what was intended, or they may be the sole survivors from a set too hard to replicate for a remake. Misfit dice may come in either raw or finished form, depending on how I feel about them.

XYZ set has sold out, will you remake it?

Whilst dice making is my full-time job, it is also a form of creative expression. Most of my sets were intended to be if not one of a kind (OOAK) then very limited runs of a design so that I continue to have the freedom to express new ideas and experiment with different techniques in my dice making. I therefore cannot promise that any of my previous designs will be repeated in future updates.

How do I care for my dice?

I recommend using a dice tray or softer surface for rolling, and storage away from direct sunlight in either a fabric dice bag or lined dice vault.