Dice Making FAQs

Can you teach me how to start making dice and/or candles?

In a word, no. Dice making is not something you should jump into lightly. It requires proper safety equipment and research as you will be working with potentially harmful chemicals. I spent a lot of time reading and learning before deciding to make the plunge and starting to create for myself. There are some great resources on YouTube such as Rybonator who offer tutorials on just about everything, as well as the Great Library of Dicecraft group on Facebook if you wish to get started but unfortunately I do not have the time to assist to you personally. However I do offer troubleshooting help to my 'Mythril' Tier Patrons via my Patreon.

As for candles, this again takes a lot of research, testing and patience as it is not as simple as it looks. Unlike with dice, there are literally hundreds of candle making websites and resources available online for you to access with a few simple Google searches.

Who made your dice molds? / Do you sell molds?

I make my own molds from silicone using custom 3D Printed "Master Dice" which you can purchase from some excellent master makers such as my personal go-to maker ClericsComponents (based in Canada). I also can recommend (through personal experience or word of mouth) Revel Broker Productions or Outer Limits Designs (both based in the USA) and Merlin's Dice (based in Europe). Because my masters were designed by me and feature my logo (and fonts I spent hours selecting), I do not sell molds at this stage. Fortunately there are also some great mold makers out there such as NanoLabMaker (on Etsy) who sell a variety of mold styles that are great for beginners.

I am in Australia, where can I find silicone or resin? Which brands do you use or recommend?

Barnes is a great source of materials in Australia. They have several physical locations around the country in most major cities and offer relatively quick delivery. For silicone, most makers I know use either Vario 15 or Transil/Pinkysil from Barnes, or for a cheaper alternative you can try SiliCreate's Fast-20 option. However if you don't have much experience working with silicone then I would recommend sticking with Vario 15 for the longer work time as the latter options are all fast-set silicones and you may struggle if inexperienced.

As for resin, many makers use EpoxyCast from Barnes, however I have personally never tried it and instead use Just Resin's ArtCast 3:1 Slow or one of the options from AA Composites if you prefer a thicker resin. If you are looking for the unbranded CritCast resin, check out the 360+ variety otherwise the Super Clear comes highly recommended for a more affordable price. Basically you want to avoid any resin that mentions coat/coating in the title as these are used for thinner layers such as resin boards. You want to look for a casting resin to work at the depth required for dice.

Where can I find a pressure pot in Australia?

Please check out my comprehensive guide on all things buying and modifying a pressure pot specifically for Australian makers.

Can you tell me how you made XYZ set or where you got the inclusions you used?

No, sorry. I do not give out my dice recipes or sources for inclusions for two reasons. The first is that I have unfortunately had too many issues with IP theft already, and I do not intend to make it easy for anyone to reproduce my work even if it is only for personal use.

The second reason is that I have sunk hundreds of hours (and dollars) over the last 3yrs+ into researching sources for my inclusions locally and overseas, and then testing the products for myself. It is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when someone asks me to hand over this information to them so that they don't have to invest their own time and money into finding something that works for them.