Shop & Website FAQs

Why is your website currently empty?

Everything you see listed on my site is independently made by me (and only me). Sometimes life happens and production can be a little slow. If the shop appears to be on the empty side then it is likely that I have just had a sale and everything is indeed out of stock. If however the shop is stocked but everything is marked as 'coming soon' then I have an upcoming sale and you are looking at the preview of things to come. Please keep an eye on my social media pages for shop update announcements, or see the details below.

When is your next shop update?

I generally have a dice sale once a month and aim for the last Sunday of the month for my restocks (usually at 9:00am AEST). Regular shop updates will be announced ahead of time on my social media pages. Candles are restocked as needed unless otherwise specified (e.g. new scent launches).

How do your shop updates work?

As mentioned above, I generally restock dice once a month on the last Sunday of the month. My Platinum and Mythril Tier Patreon Subscribers get 24 hours early access to selected designs voted on by them each month--usually around 1/3 of the dice I have prepared. Anything unsold in the Patreon sale does get rolled over to the public sale the following day. 

After the initial rush, any remaining dice will remain on the website for exactly one (1) week before they are taken down and added to my stash of dice for my next convention appearance.

Can I buy your dice in person?

Yes! For the last couple of years I have tried to get a handful of convention appearances in each year for you to be able to roll and buy my dice in person. In 2024 I am aiming to attend Supanova Gold Coast (April), Oz Comic Con Brisbane (September) and Supanova Brisbane (November). Unfortunately I have a lot of travel plans on the cards for roller derby in 2024 so I am not intending on making any interstate convention appearances this year due to both costs and preparation time being limited.

I saw some dice on your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook that aren't available on your site right now, can I reserve or pre-purchase them or will you remake them for me if I miss out? What if I am willing to pay extra?

I do not, under any circumstances, offer reserves or private sales on my dice. Everything I make is available to everyone at the same time for the sake of fairness, as I am only able to make limited numbers of items each month. If you desperately want to get your hands on a particular design, consider joining my Patreon to get potential early access to the design in my monthly Patreon Sale, or wait until my commission waitlist (available to Mythril Tier Patrons only) is open and get me to remake it for you that way.

Why were the items in my cart 'sold out' when I went complete the purchase?

Unfortunately Shopify does not allow items to be held in your cart for the completion of the purchase. The best way to combat this is to make sure you register an account prior to the sale and have your preferred payment method saved on your device so that you can complete the check out process quickly. I would also recommend bookmarking the page of the dice you want the most for easy access when the sale goes live.

If you wish to buy multiple sets, my advice is to go for the one that you want the most first and then come back for the others if they are still available. As stated above, refunds are automatically offered on duplicate shipping costs for multiple orders, provided the orders do not go over the postage weight limit.

Do you offer refunds/exchanges?

Unfortunately as a small business, I am unable to offer returns or refunds at this stage for “change of mind” purchases, including being unhappy with the scent of your candle or the quality of your dice as all flaws (where applicable) are clearly listed in each item description with photographs available as well. If however you believe your parcel is lost in the mail or damaged in another way, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work out a solution together on a case-by-case basis.

What if my parcel is lost/damaged in the mail?

If you suspect your parcel has been lost in the mail, delivered to the wrong address or damaged in transit, please reach out to me ASAP to discuss your options. In most cases, I will offer to remake the set for you and send it again. If however it is not possible to recreate the set then a refund or partial refund may be offered depending on the circumstances. An enquiry must be lodged with Australia Post before any refund decision is made, or if you are overseas then you will need to lodge an enquiry with your relevant local carrier first before I can decide the next course of action. If you are unwilling or unable to lodge an enquiry then no refund or remake will be offered.

Parcels that are marked as delivered and then lost/stolen and/or damaged after delivery are not the responsibility of Mythril Foundry, and will not be compensated for in any way or under any circumstance. Please always ensure you have your items sent to a secure address or location.

I am in Australia, why don't I have to pay GST on your products?

Goods & Services Tax (GST) applies to all purchases made within Australia. As of 1 July 2022, I have reached the turnover threshold that requires me to pay GST though rather than have Shopify surprise you with an additional 10% added onto Australian sales at check-out, I instead decided to incorporate the tax amount into my product pricing to keep things consistent (and without any hidden surprise costs).