Miscellaneous FAQs

Why 'Mythril' and what does it mean?

Mythril (or mithril) is a fictional metal that appears in various fantasy settings. It is said to be very light, very strong and very glittery. I liked the idea of my products being forged or crafted like metal, with the same care and attention a smithy would give a fine piece of armour or an intricate sword. I also wanted to give a nod to the various fantasy elements I have enjoyed throughout my lifetime (anything from books to video games, and now Dungeons & Dragons) with the name, and so Mythril Foundry was born!

What happened to 'Mythril Dice'? Why the name change?

Mythril Dice was the name I started my business under however as my skills grew and my interests diversified, I realised I wanted to expand the products that I offer and branding myself under 'Dice' alone moving forward was going a bit limiting (and misleading) with these additions to my business. In light of these changes, the decision was made to rebrand just slightly to Mythril Foundry to best cover all the products I wish to sell, be it dice, candles, jewellery, other resin items and more!

Do you do dice trades?

Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in trading with me for a set of custom dice. I prefer to trade for other handmade dice or digital character art, and I am more likely to agree to a trade if you are offering these things. I am not really interested in trading for dice bags, trays and trinkets, etc. I have closed my Trade Request Form indefinitely due to an overwhelming amount of requests on the list that I am unable to fulfil at present.