About Me

Rebecca Croft (Bex)
Owner & Creator of Mythril Foundry

Originally a travel agent by trade, I first started making dice in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic quite literally grounded both international and domestic travel. Initially I intended dice making to be a fun way to pass the time in lockdown, but as my knowledge and skills grew, I decided to take the plunge and make a business out of my newfound hobby—both as means of supporting my family whilst furloughed from my job, and also to offer other Australians the chance to buy hand-crafted artisan dice locally, instead of having to rely on a largely overseas market at a time when international mail was so inconsistent.

In September 2021, I resigned from my travel career of nine years and now run my business full-time, operating out of my home studio in Ipswich, QLD. My husband and 6-year-old son both help with quality inspection and feedback, but otherwise Mythril Foundry is an entirely one-woman operation.

Outside of dice making, I am an avid reader and love roller skating—particularly playing roller derby. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since the beginning of 2020 (which started me down the dice dragon path), and I have a probably unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs for someone in their mid 30s.