Pricing Guide

All pricing is subject to change pending any specific requests, certain inclusions (florals, multiple inclusions) as well of the complexity of the design as certain styles may require multiple attempts to get right (e.g. Petri method), etc. The pricing detailed below is the average you should expect to pay for a commission and covers basic materials (excluding inclusions) for up to three (3) revisions of the commissioned dice should I not get it right the first time, as well as labour costs.

Please Note: As of July 2022, these prices do not include GST for Australian customers. GST will be added on top of these prices at the standard 10% rate as required by my updated tax status with the ATO.

The pricing below is accurate as of 1 January 2022 and conversions are approximate.

  • Standard 7-Piece Set - AU$200 / US$145.
  • Add Additional d20 - AU$50 / US$35 each.
  • Add Additional d6 - AU$15 / US$10 each.
  • Add Extra d2 Coin - AU$20 / US$15 each.
  • Add Other Extra Dice - AU$20 / US$15 each.
  • Single Standard d20 - AU$55 / US$40.
  • Other Solo Single Dice - AU$25 / US$20.
  • Chonky 30mm d20 - AU$80 / US$60.
  • Chonky 40mm d20 - AU$125 / US$90.
  • Made to Order Set (Existing Designs) - As Per Original Design Cost.
  • Made to Order d20 (Existing Designs) - As Per Original Design Cost.
  • Milk Bath or Floral Designs (Extra) - AU$25 / US$20.
  • Complex Inking Requests (Extra) - AU$25 / US$20.

As stated above, any specific inclusions such as florals, skulls, etc will be an additional cost and will be charged at a rate of 50% of the total cost required to obtain them (if I am able to use them for other things) or 100% of the entire cost if the inclusion is very niche and not something I would personally use again.

Postage is also not included in these prices and will be charged at my normal shipping rates, the details of which can be found here.

For any other commission requests not listed above, please contact me for a custom quote.