Commission FAQs

How do I get a commission spot? / Why is your commission form closed?

As of 1 January 2022, I have officially closed my commission waitlist to the public. The best way to obtain a commission spot moving forward is by joining my Patreon, as waitlist spots will primarily be offered to my 'Mythril' Tier Patrons first, and then any leftover spots will be filtered down through the other tiers (Silver+) before being opened to the public if I have time available in my current workload to take them on. 

Why do commissions cost more than your regular dice?

The short answer is that commissions take up more time than making regular dice. The long answer is that everything from the initial consultation to processing your commission request to planning your dice (and redesigning if required) as well as all the other stuff like communicating with you throughout and providing progress pictures, etc are mostly unnecessary when creating something for the store. Because of all of this additional work, my commissions are priced higher to compensate for my time as this is my full-time job.

Why do I have to pay a deposit for my commission?

To put it simply: materials cost money. I cannot shoulder the cost of making multiple variations of a commissioned design using resin, pigments, glitters, florals, etc without being compensated for those items. If I did this without taking a deposit and you changed your mind, I am effectively throwing these materials in the bin. A deposit ensures that if you do cancel, I am still able to replace these used items without financial burden on my business. Additionally, by paying a deposit it means that you are serious about wanting something unique made by me and are not as likely to ghost me once I have completed your design, which has happened in the past.

Can I pay off my commission over time?

Absolutely, just be sure to let me know in advance that you need a little bit of extra time to pay, and please also understand that I will not start any sanding, polishing or inking until your dice are paid for in full. This means that the longer you take to pay for your dice, the longer you will be waiting for your commission to be completed.

I don't have PayPal, can I pay for my commission another way?

Unfortunately not. I cannot offer commission listings on my website in order to comply with AfterPay's merchant policies. I am also not located in a country that supports other payment applications such as Venmo. Therefore the only way to arrange secure payment with me outside of the website is with a PayPal invoice.

Do you accept trades for custom dice?

I sometimes have the ability to offer custom dice for trade, however it depends on my workload at the time. Please reach out directly if you are interested in trading: I am mostly interested in other handmade dice or digital character art, not things like dice bags (I'm picky) and trays (I can make my own). I no longer have a Trade Request Form due to the overwhelming number of responses I received.